Pashmina Care

How to care for your Pashmina?

We adore our pashminas because they get softer and cozier with each wear, which is why we buy so many of them. The authentic pashmina is so fine that it can be used as a summer shawl, warm enough to be a winter scarf, and both.

No matter how lovely or cherished your shawl may be, there comes a time in every Pashmina romance when you realize it’s time to give your favorite piece a soak in the tub.

It is crucial to emphasize that dry washing is the best way to clean your pashmina. Although we’ll show you how to do it, it’s advisable to just do this occasionally and only if you’re entirely comfortable doing it! Your pashmina should be handled with the utmost care and attention since it is delicate.

We’ve gathered some advice on how to take care of your Pashmina in an emergency if there’s no way to get to the dry cleaners.

Back to Basics

Of course, it goes without saying that Pashmina(cashmere) should never be washed in a washing machine. The pashmina fibers are too fine for any kind of machine to handle. With these little ones, it’s all about going back to the fundamentals, and hand cleaning is the best strategy for keeping your things looking brand-new. Machine washing is far too harsh on Pashmina and could make it appear “fluffy.”

Be Delicate

Although she’s tough, your Pashmina is also gentle. When washing, be sure to only use lukewarm or cold water. To make sure the washing bowl is clean, we advise either locating a separate wash bowl or rinsing out a basin and filling it with water.

Get Soap Wise

Use the softest cleaning agents available when it comes to washing. You’ll be on the right track if you consider your Pashmina to be your baby. The ideal soap is very light and unscented. Never use bleach-containing cleaning supplies or fabric softeners. Baby shampoo is the less expensive, equally effective alternative to products like Laundress Pashmina soap.

Give your pashmina a gentle wash without vigorous rubbing or scrubbing until the soap has entirely dissolved in the water.


Never EVER compress or wring Pashmina items because doing so runs the risk of them losing their shape, which is the last thing we want! You can either allow your product to dry on a clean, dry towel or roll it up like a burrito and squeeze out as much water as you can before drying it. Then, until the extra water has dried, it is preferable to place it on another clean, dry towel on a flat surface. Avoid placing the Pashmina near a heater or in the sun after washing or after it has been wet because doing so could fade the fabric.

When the product is dry, you can iron it with a heated iron, however we suggest placing a piece of tissue paper or fabric between the pashmina and the iron.

These simple yet effective guidelines will ensure that your favorite pashmina lasts a lifetime

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