About Us

Amidst the lush green valley and snow-capped mountains of Kashmir, lies the rich tradition of timeless art that defied the changes brought by rapid modernization. For years, the artisans of this land have toiled in silence, their hands crafting intricate works of art have often gone unnoticed, undervalued, and at times unreachable for the right customer.

But that ends here!

We at Pashmina Cart strive to provide free online stores to dexterous Kashmiri artisans to showcase their work across the world.  The Cart is committed to ensure the accessibility to the desired customers without any intervention from middlemen. It is to facilitate our registered artisans and present premium quality Pashmina handicrafts to our patrons around the world at a reasonable price.

We are adamant to provide supreme quality, Exquisitely chosen handcrafted Pashmina right from the artisans’ handloom to the doorsteps of our invaluable patrons. Needless to say that the artisans of the Cart pour their hearts and soul into each product, using skills that have been passed down from the lineage of immaculate artists. We strive to empower them by providing them with a platform to showcase their craft, as well as the tools and resources necessary to flourish.

The Idea of a Movement

Pashmina Cart owes its existence to the lack of an authentic online marketplace and the plight of indigenous Kashmiri artisans who are struggling to make the ends meet. Our brand is more than just a business; it is a movement. A movement that seeks to revive the glamour of this timeless art, meanwhile ensure that distance is no bar for Pashmina lovers.  

The Cart is outcome of the unprecedented efforts of its diligent team to restore the timeless heritage of Kashmiri Pashmina handicrafts. The sole intention of this venture has been to provide them with free online stores to exclude the middlemen, brokers, and sales and distribution agents who deprive the hardworking artisans of the actual profit and compel them to sell their products at a low price.

About You

We invite you to be a part of this movement, to embrace the beauty and authenticity of Kashmiri art, and to make a difference in the lives of those who have been overlooked for far too long. With each purchase, you are not only receiving a piece of exquisite art, but you are also contributing to the betterment of an entire community.

This step taken by the Pashmina Cart will help the artisans to sell their handicrafts at the desired prices matching their workmanship and influence others in preserving the timeless art of Kashmiri handicrafts. Join us on this journey of hope, empowerment, and celebration. Let us together bring a touch of Kashmir to your homes and hearts.

Our Products

We present our patrons the handmade and immaculately curated Pashmina handicrafts. Each product undergoes the traditional process of women spinning the lumps of wool into yarn and later hand-woven in soft and supple fabric which is popularly known as ‘soft gold’. Eventually, you have the end product which is as light as a feather and retains its distinctive feature of warmth and the irreplaceable feel of the human hand.

Our Claim

Pashmina Cart doesn’t rely on mere claims of authenticity but the company is certified by the highest certified authorities. With its registered office in Kashmir, we endeavor to preserve the rich heritage of Pashmina handicrafts which once reserved a special place in the castles of noble people. We consider it our obligation to present the bonafide Cashmere handicrafts to our patrons and rekindle the doused flame of authenticity while simultaneously making efforts to sustain and support this distinctive heritage

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